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Let's create stories of a lifetime

Our lives have become so busy, sometimes we forget to stop and create stories for our children.

Before we know it, time goes on. These memories and stories can fade or be lost.

Updating your photos and wall art every few years as your family grows and changes is an important part of the art experience.

This not only documents your children through all of the important stages of life but also serves as a reflection of who they are now.

When we’re gone, our children will cherish every single photo of us( I know from personal experience).

And you deserve photos of you and your kids. 

As Edmonton Family Photographer, we want to give this to your family.

Summer family photo session Edmonton
Family Portrait Photography Edmonton

Family Portrait Photographer Edmonton

The Family Portrait Effect

“The more children know about their family’s story, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem, and the more successfully they believe their families function. Knowing their larger family story helps them understand that they are part of something bigger.”

We had a great photo session with Nandini and Jay! They did an amazing job and I can't thank them enough! They both fun and comfortable to work with especially with our toddler. Our family pictures came out beautiful and made me teary eyed just looking at them.
--- Grace & Mel

Edmonton Family Photographer | Timeless Tales Portraits

Hey, we are Nandini & Jay

Your Edmonton Family Photographer

Specializing in Family and Generational Portraits

Jay and Nandini’s journey began through their shared passion for photography. Coming from a diverse family who live all over the world, they understand the struggle of uniting everyone for that one cherished photo. The diversity and scattered family ties across the globe, taught us the value of togetherness.

We believe that while we may have countless cellphone photos of our loved ones, having a grand family portrait on our walls is a symbol of the ever-evolving bonds we share.

We may move, grow bigger and sometimes become smaller too. No matter what life throws at us, a great family photo hanging in our living room is a reminder of all the good times we had together.

And as Edmonton family photographer, we want to give that for you!

A Gift Of Memories To Your Future Self

Take Care Of All Your Memories. For You Cannot Relive Them.

How will your children remember you? How will they remember themselves?

As they grow older, what do you want them to see when they look back at photos?

Don’t leave it to chance and a cell phone!


We believe that art for your home should be original, doing more than completing a room.

It should be timeless, bringing back thoughts of joy during a specific time in your life. 

And finding that right piece is not hard because it’s already in your home,

you just need to let us capture it.

Edmonton family kids Photographer | Timeless Tales Portraits
Mom and Son Winter family photo Edmonton
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The Portrait Session Experience

Here is how we do it…

First, we learn about your family, the stories, personalities & characteristics that make your family so special to you.

We tailor your session & guide you on the perfect attire to wear to ensure we draw attention to the eyes and smiles of each individual family member

Finally, we’ll add our artistic style to your portrait so that it lasts for years to come, generation after generation. A true work of art, ready to display in your home.

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